Puttnam’s Law and Americanus Homogeneous Sapiens

Puttnam’s Law and the threat to the American imagination – latimes.com.

“Puttnam’s Law: It is more acceptable to fail in conventional ways than in unconventional ways. And its corollary: The reward for succeeding in unconventional ways is less than the risk of failing in unconventional ways. In short, you can screw up with impunity so long as you screw up like everybody else.” – Neal Gabler, Senior Fellow at the Norman Lear Center at USC

I know you’re out there talented geniuses and music demi-gods, purveyors of sound and taste.  I know how hard it’s gotten for you to be heard, to rise above the morass, the banal, the dull, the lame, the putrid, but I have faith in you…and your fans are waiting.  Then along comes Zya Music to remind us that Matt Serletic and his brother Dean with their Wall Street partners Bo & Terry are going to set the music world aflame with their venture backed start-up Zya Music.  You might remember Matt as the producer of Matchbox Twenty who set the music world on fire, but I remember him as the clueless executive who buried my Virgin Records America company into the ground with the help of his brother.  Not content to stop there, him, baby brother & the Wall Street boyz are now giving us Zya Music and I quote:

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!  As a producer friend of mine said when I showed him this stillborn of a website: “This is exactly what the problem is with this generation…no real skills just nonsense.”  Ironically like Puttnam’s Law states, when vultures have nothing left to pull from the carcass of this company, the Serletic brothers will continue to ride their taste makers coattails of yore into the sunset only to meet with another pair of Wall Street dummies to fleece.

And all of this they will be able to do thanks to you foolhardy artists, musicians, songwriters who continue to wreak havoc on our cultural landscape because you unwittingly play into the hand of Puttnam’s Law.  You’ve been warned!


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